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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Blog postponed...indefinitely

What happened? 
So it's 2017 now and as you can see my last blog was a.....little while ago?
Bristol Saint Vintage is still going strong and you can check out what we're up to via 
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Maybe I'll blog again soon....
maybe not ;)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

DIY Tutorial: Simple Crochet Crop Top

I love buying trips for the business, It's like getting paid to shop!
 Most of the time i'll buy items in perfect vintage condition, but as ive gotten more and more into upcycling, i've started broadening my horizons. Everything now has possibility! 
Take this white vintage underskirt - I loved the crochet trim on the bottom but it had some marks and the style wasn't very flattering....

 I decided to turn it into a summery crop top with a crochet hem.

Here's a quick DIY Tutorial

Time - 90 mins
Level - Easy

You'll need -
1. An old skirt/fabric
2. A sheet of A3 paper/parcel roll/wrapping paper
3.Pencil, ruler, angle measure
4. Pins
5. Fabric Scissors
6. Sewing Machine (could be done by hand but might take a while)

First, I cut out the section of the skirt fabric I wanted to use and gave it a good iron!
Next, I made a simple vest top pattern -
Take a t-shirt or vest with a similar fit you desire (should be slightly loose and not form fitting, as it need to go over your head). Fold in half down the middle and lay flat on a hard surface. Grab your A3 paper and lining up the right hand side edge and the horizontal line of the folded top, begin to trace around the neckline, top of shoulder, sleeve line and down the side (to the length you'd like the crop top to be.) Using the angle measure, mark 90 degrees and draw a line across to connect back to the right edge of the paper. Now add 1.5 cm to all edges for the seam allowance (obviously apart from the edge) and cut out.

Fold your fabric over and pin the pattern on, making sure the right hand side of the paper is on the fold.
(Mine is from another top so is a bit longer than my fabric, but i wanted to use the shape at the top and incorporate the crocheted hem)

Cut two. I used pinking shears to stop the edges fraying.

Pin both sides together on the shoulders and sides, front sides facing. Sew!

Double fold the edge of the sleeve and pin. Then sew.

Repeat on the other side.

Do the same on the collar.

And there it is! Perfect to wear with skirts, leggings or go the full 70's vibes and wear with flares!
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

SS15: How to wear 70's Fashion and our BRAND NEW STOCK!

I'm so glad that winter finally seems to be subsiding and we can look forward to warmer weather - which this trend is perfect for!

The end of February brought a big stock drop to Bristol Saint Vintage which i'm in the process of listing to our ASOS marketplace boutique (HERE)
I wanted to be a bit more trend focused this season and have been dying to get my hands on more 70's inspired pieces in time for Spring/Summer!

There are so many different pieces to experiment with, in this HUGE trend - try floaty florals, flairs, boho blouses, suede, platforms, fringing, crochet, floppy hats and more!
All images from Pinterest under the search term '70's Fashion' - I encourage you to search this term for more inspiration and the origins of these images, as i do not own them! :)
Consider picking one or two trends to incorporate into your outfits, to avoid looking too much like someone in fancy dress! And the good thing is, you can also dip into (relatively cheaper) 90's wear, as that time also includes a lot of 70's elements.

1.Wide Brim Felt Hat, H&M, £13.99, 70's Aztec Print Poncho, BSV, £20,  Black A-line Skirt, H&M, £12.99 and Vintage Black Boots, Models Own
2. Hat, As Before, 80's Purple Cord Dress, BSV, £25, Black Platform Shoes, Primark, £15 
1. Hat, As Before, Black High Neck Top, New Look, £9.99, 90's Camel Colour Suede Skirt With Fringe, BSV, £18, Shoes, As Before
This 90's Camel Colour Suede Skirt With Fringing has received a lot of attention and has been included in the ASOS Marketplace SS15 edit! (here
1. Hat, As Before, 90's Silk Floral Dress, BSV, £20, Shoes, As Before
2. Hat, As Before, 70's Green Floral Dress With Adjustable Neck and Waist, BSV, £25, Shoes, As Before
1. Hat, As Before, 70's Paisley 'Norman Linton' Dress, BSV, £26, Vintage Boots, Models Own
2. Hat, As Before, 90's Floaty Bell Sleeve Blouse, BSV, £12, Skirt, As Before, Vintage Boots, Models Own
70's Orange Large Collar Shirt, BSV, £16

All those items are currently available in store, but make sure you check our ASOS Marketplace Boutique over the next few days for even more BRAND NEW vintage pieces! 

Linda, BSV xxx

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Vintage Business: So did we do it?

If you read my previous blog post, you'll know January is usually a bit rubbish, a bit quiet and not much going on (the term January Blues, comes from somewhere right?)
....but I vowed to change that this year!
And.....I did!

I FINALLY got round to making this top from vintage material, I've had in my head for months -
£8, Available HERE
I FINALLY finished the Vintage Two Piece from the Mandy Marsh dress, I picked up before Christmas (and it sold just over a day after listing) - 

The vintage drop waisted dress kept on giving - so not only did I make a kimono but also a pleated skirt out of the material - 
Kimono Sold, Pleated Skirt £15, Available HERE
I've FINALLY got my old lighting replaced and looking forward to more consistency in our shop imagery -
Still not exactly how I want it, but baby steps right?
January has been amazing! I've finished off projects that have been sitting around for ages, I've MET my money goals (and beaten them!), I've MET my social media targets (without paying for ads) and most importantly I've had loads of fun doing it!

Now i'm looking to February and making my goals. January really surprised me and so I've decided to go even BOLDER for Feb. As a month it's obviously a few days shorter, but i'm hoping to go bigger and better! I've got some new vintage fabrics and some new vintage pieces which I can't wait to share with everyone! 

Is there something you'd love to see in our shop? Or something you'd like to see more of? 
Go ahead and give us a comment below!

Hop over to our Instagram to see what we're working on or maybe you're more into Facebook?
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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Up-cycling Projects: Before and After

So January was pretty dead last year. In terms of sales and stock, everything seemed pretty slow and truthfully kinda non-existent! I have vowed for Jan 2015 to be completely different - and my plan is to  make as much as I can from the many, MANY, pieces I've bought with the intention of fixing or altering and actually they've just ended up in a pile!
This also helps with my goal over the next few months of building up my stock after the Christmas rush and January sales!

This was a small selection of pieces that needed updating (believe me, there is much more!)


I do love all of them as they are (well when the Many Marsh dress was attached!) but they all had something wrong or slightly unfashionable about them that needed some up-cycling or Bristol Saint Vintage love if you will....

The large drop waist dress was cut in half and cut up the front to form an opening. I then hemmed it and hand stitched chocolate brown colour feathers around the bottom - I still have the pleated skirt material so look out for a reworked skirt soon!


Kimono sold already! But look out for more :)

This 1970's hot pink maxi dress has been in the shop before (modelled below by the lovely Charlie) but unfortunately it didn't sell - I think the style was just too formal for some people, so I decided to keep it simple and just take it up to a length that is easier to wear - I also wanted to be mindful that this dress was made specifically for the lady who owned it and didn't want to ruin it!



Available Soon

I did love the style of this 1980's drop waisted dress (below), so I hope i've done the right thing by turning this into a two piece - Then again, you can't please everyone! This one was cut in half and the top hemmed, simple! The skirt was a bit trickier - I had to cut a band of material from around the middle and then form it into a waistband for the skirt, then finishing off by inserting some elastic.


So glad I got my hair cut......ugh

Available HERE
Everything's better when you show a bit of belly!

This Mandy Marsh dress has been a bit of a headache, first selling it as it was and then realising it had holes in the back of the top (whoops!) luckily the customer was very understanding!


Here's me, just hanging in the park, freezing my bum off!
It was then reworked into a skirt but I felt like it would benefit from a thicker waistband a bit of length taken off to make it more wearable. Back to the sewing machine it was!


The top is almost finished just needs some straps to tie at the back and it will be available in the shop!
But it will [hopefully] look something like this....

Have you made or altered something recently? Let's hear about it then! Comment below!
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bristol Saint Vintage: 2014 Recap and Goal Setting for 2015

The first day of 2015!

Seriously where does the time go? 2014 was such an important year for me, personally and professionally. Most importantly I've taken the plunge and gone full time with Bristol Saint Vintage and hope 2015 will bring more stock, more markets, more pop ups, more ventures and opportunities, so please continue to support us in any way you can and if you'd like to collaborate, just get in touch!

Now, whether you've just found us or if you've followed us from the start, here is a recap of 2014 for Bristol Saint Vintage :)


I kicked the year off by wrapping up our Christmas Pop Up Shop at the Edwardian Cloakroom. It was a lovely closing party with lots of friends and I even sang as part of my other project 'Myfaceyourface'! Which is the first time i've really sang in front of my friends!

Bristol Saint Vintage had a stockist for the first time selling Valentine's Chocolate China sets at The Tea Birds cafe on Park Street! I would definitely love to do something like this again :) It's one of my goals to have a permanent local stockist by the end of 2015.


I cracked out my sewing machine this year and really got into it! I'm impressed with what i've created so far (even if I do say so myself!) Considering before 2014,  I mostly used my machine to sew edges around birthday cards, I think i've done alright!

I've made two pieces, a pinafore, skirts, reworked dresses, kimono's and more!  Someone loved the first two piece I made so much (worn by Alex - pictured), they actually STOLE it from the Summer pop up shop, which was heart breaking and I really don't understand how someone could justify stealing from a small independent shop....but I guess there's a compliment in there somewhere!

I'm definitely looking forward to continuing the up-cycling into 2015 and beyond. Any ideas? Comment below!


Throughout the year I've traded at The Harbourside Market, Be In Bristol, The Tobacco Factory, The Coroner's Court and The Speigeltent. But one particular market at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, sticks in my mind. This is when I met Dawn O'Porter! (pictured - photo by Lou Lou's) It sounds corny but I do feel it was a highlight of my vintage career so far! And I think vintage business owners have a lot to be thankful for in that she has helped make vintage clothing more accessible to the mass market through her programme 'This Old Thing' on Channel 4.

This time was so difficult as all my equipment seemed to be giving up on me! My phone, computer, sewing machine and camera all broke within a few weeks of each other and it was a very trying time! Luckily everything seems to be sorted now, but this definitely taught me to put systems in place if things like this happen again!


Throughout the year I've still been trying to find a consistent but interesting look for the ASOS Marketplace boutique, which honestly I do struggle with! In the Winter months I decided to take the shoots outside (which seems a bit silly! brrr...) but just felt a bit more interesting than a plain white wall. I'd love any feedback though!

I have met the majority of my goals for the year which I'm really happy with but there's always loads more to do! I wanted to add more stock more frequently, which I've done, but I want to grow on this in 2015 and have a consistently wider selection of items. I've joined the Female Entrepreneur Association which I think is one of the best decisions i've made - it's invaluable to have a sounding board of other business woman in all different stages, so if you're a woman in business I urge you to check it out!

My New Years Resolution is to just GO FOR IT this year.
What's yours?

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Secondhand, Vintage and Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

I love decorating for christmas! It's a good excuse to get a bit crafty and creative :)
Here are a few of my ideas and things I'm loving this Christmas...

Bauble Wreaths

For last years' Christmas Pop Up Shop I made a bauble wreath from a mixture of vintage and new baubles. Its so easy! All you need is a wire coat hanger, lots of baubles and a piece of ribbon. Just form the hanger into a circle shape and undo the twisted part at the top. Start hooking the baubles onto the wire (i followed a simple pattern as best i could to give it an even look, but put them on however you want!) When it is completely full with baubles, refasten at the top and bend the hook downwards so its not seen. Then attach a ribbon and hang! Voila!

Vintage book Christmas Card Holder

These vintage book sculptures, again are pretty simple but definitely effective, if you've got the patience! Just get your hands on a decent length vintage book (i usually use ones where the hardbacks are a bit rough or damaged, so i dont feel too guilty!) You can either fold each page into a point (like your trying to make a paper aeroplane) or simply fold each page in half. There is definitely room for experimentation here! Follow us on Instagram to see more like this @bristolstvintage


Garlands are nice just haphazardly hung .....anywhere really!
Pom poms have made a real come back over the past few years. If you saw Kirstie Allsop's Crafty Christmas, you'll know what i'm about to mention. Yes, the amazing pom pom makers! No more cutting cardboard doughnuts, you can now have pom poms in mere minutes! 
Can you tell how much I love pom poms?! 

Wool Warehouse - Clover Pom Pom Maker

I also saw recently a clever way of reusing and bits of nice scrap paper (I'm sure I'm not the only one that collects different papers right?....hmm) These tree garlands are so sweet, you could also do star shapes, leaf shapes, reindeer shapes....any shapes! Just cut out your shapes, take 2, slot them together and attach to some thread a la this Pinterest image...


How could I not include the humble paper cut snowflake??? These are so much fun to make with the kids or with friends over wine on a crafty night. These are some of my favourite...

Photo Credit

Photo Credit 
So whether you put up your decorations on the 1st December or haven't started yet, some of these ideas can be made on an evening and added to your rooms! :)

What have you made this year for Christmas? Pop any pictures in the comments below!

Merry Christmas all!