Bristol Saint Vintage: What A Find! Lastex Aqualine Swimsuit Circa 1950

Thursday, 23 February 2012

What A Find! Lastex Aqualine Swimsuit Circa 1950

I recently found a Aqualine Lastex Yellow swimsuit circa 1950 in a charity shop in Bristol!

Unfortunately it does need a bit of love! This picture is after the test wash which really brightened it up but still needs some attention around the top and something to decrease it. I'm being very cautious with it as i'm still learning about vintage clothing care.
Luckily there are so many resources online and books on the market about vintage clothing which I will dedicate a blog to in the near future.

A book I got after finding this beauty is 'The Swimsuit' by Sarah Kennedy (Available at Amazon) which is an amazing resource in terms of the history of the swimsuit. In fact it documents the invention of the Lastex material which hit the market in 1931. This was a very important point in the swimsuits history as before they were made with wool and the new material allowed a wider choice of colours and prints than ever before!

Image: Slim Aarons