Bristol Saint Vintage: Wearable Vintage Fashion NEW BOOK

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wearable Vintage Fashion NEW BOOK

I've just ordered my copy of a new vintage fashion book 'Wearable Vintage Fashion' by Jo Waterhouse and Clare Bridge who are shop owners of Second Hand Rose in Worcester. Published by Vivays Publishing.

Vivays Publishing
I think this book hits on a lot of points that I agree with as a vintage clothing buyer. The books focuses on  affordable and accessible vintage clothing, when a lot of people think vintage is too expensive or too precious. In the past few years I've realised how much I detest  fast fashion and the emphasis on the 'new' all the time. Jo and Clare present timeless vintage clothing which will always be fashionable no matter what fashion are currently 'on trend' (I hate the expression!!) So really looking forward to getting my copy and seeing inside other collectors wardrobes!

A really amazing review by Caitlin Sinclair and a sneak peak inside the book, is on Amelia's Magazine's Website HERE