Bristol Saint Vintage: 90's Revival

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

90's Revival

Vintage to me usually means the item/idea has to be at least 25 years old. The 1990's revival is a bit of an odd one as it isn't 25 years old yet and really doesn't feel that long ago! However I keep seeing this '90's Revival' in magazines, shops and being worn by people in the street. After it coming up in conversation with my friend Cheryl, I thought it was worth a mention!

Kicking off with the 'Back to the 90's' article in The Sunday Times latest Style mag. There was a comical table of 'That Was Then' 'This Is Now'.

Excuse the blur
photo: The Times Style Magazine 15th April 2012
Elements of the 1990's that seem to be resurfacing are dungarees (as worn by Alexa Chung recently), Rihanna's [head to toe] endorsement of 90's Boy London brand (sales up gone up 45%), Clueless style baby dresses, Rock Band T-shirts (did they ever really go away?) and flannel shirts.

Alexa Chung in Dungarees

Rihanna in Boy London

Asos is also currently channelling the 90's; like the tshirt, not so sure about those leggings but they were sold out when I checked!

photo: Asos
Buy them here
Photo: Asos
Buy them here