Bristol Saint Vintage: Circa Vintage Fair and Cabot Circus' Fashion Weekender

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Circa Vintage Fair and Cabot Circus' Fashion Weekender

This weekend has definitely had it's fair share of fashion and cake!
First of all I headed to the Vegan Bake Sale on at the Arc Cafe, Bristol where there was an immense selection of cakes and cookies etc. Then I headed to this- 


There was a great selection of vintage things but after while vintage fairs start to look the same and this really worries me when i'm starting a vintage shop; I really want to stand out! One stall that really stood out to me was New Weekends. The general feel to it was completely different to the other stalls. The thing that i've learnt so far from my research is that slapping a vintage label on clothing isn't going to make people want to buy it (sorry big 80's metallic prom dress), it has to be fashionable now and I think this is why I liked New Weekends! They clearly care about what they are doing. I really like their photography too.

Today I went to check out the Fashion Weekender that was put on in Cabot Circus today. It was quite funny because it was more of a dance than a catwalk show! Hence some of the strange poses - Here are a few pictures of Oasis and American Apparel's segment.


American Apparel

I love this lady
Yep their feet aren't touching the floor
In other news I published the St Vintage Facebook page today. It still needs work but need to start somewhere! Come and like it!