Bristol Saint Vintage: June 2012

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vintage Style: Lana Del Rey's National Anthem

In Lana Del Rey's Latest video 'National Anthem', She recreates Marilyn Monroe's iconic performance of 'Happy Birthday' to JFK and then goes on to portray a Jackie O figure in a recreation of JFK's shooting. All in all beautiful vintage style clothing but with a modern twist - My favourite image is with the blue dress and her tattoo on her hand showing

I love the whole style of the video, with the rounded corners (which i've used as part of Bristol St Vintage's style!) and the colour and texture of the film - beautiful!

Monday, 25 June 2012

1 Playsuit: 5 Ways To Wear It!

As it's meant to be summer, the shops and magazines are packed full of summer clothes! Unfortunately as we're all well aware the weather is a bit on and off! Loads of showers and a chill when the sun goes in.  So thought it might be handy for some to take a piece of summer clothing and show 5 different ways of  making it more suitable for British weather and of course better on the purse!

Vintage Playsuit: Lady Footlocker £15


Pink Pastel Playsuit styled with items from Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Primark.
Photo 2: Playsuit worn with Bristol St Vintage's 'White and Pink Flower Top' (worn backwards) £10
Photo 4: Playsuit worn with Bristol St Vintage's 'Vintage Chunky Chain Necklace' £5

Friday, 22 June 2012

This Weeks Vintage Finds!

Over the past week I've found some amazing vintage things - If I do say so!

 Richard Stump Dress - Size 14

Retro BT Telephone from 1981 - Just Sold!


Large Suitcase

1950's Flask - Currently in the shop (click tab above)

On the look out for more retro telephones as the 1981 BT Telephone sold so quickly!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vintage Style: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith graced the sofa on Graham Norton's show on Friday Night and I thought she was so sweet! She is known for being a bit eccentric and this definitely comes across in her style. On Friday she wore a gorgeous fitted floor length gown inspired by the 1940's and her signature red hair with blonde streak in victory rolls (which Russell Brand noted looked like a bagel!- Nice!)

She was recently quoted about power dressing and how she uses it is a kind of defence - She said: "Power dressing is a big thing for me. If I'm going into a confrontational situation, I'll make a real effort or if I've just split up with someone, I'll dress up to the nines. 
It gives me confidence, like I'm going into battle. As a teenager, I was always trying to fit in and failed miserably. I wore what was considered trendy but it didn't suit me."

She has definitely given me some inspiration; Vintage style but still on trend,  amazing!
Paloma's latest album 'Fall To Grace' is currently at No.1

Recently Added To Our Shop -


Thursday, 14 June 2012

90's Revival Continues: Culottes Are Back!

 Continuing the 90's revival- culottes are making a come back!

Purchased this months Company Magazine yesterday (ever since the new look launch, it is my new favourite magazine) to find 2 pages dedicated to culottes! Amazing since I remember wearing them as a little girl and coincidently just added these Vintage Size 8 Culottes to the Shop 2 days ago. Only £12.

White Blouse With Cut Out Collar Detail £10
Navy Culottes £12
According to the article, these are now in all the top high street stores, ranging from £18.99 to £300! Safe to say Bristol St Vintage is a bargain at £12
Culottes (if you didn't know) are basically shorts cut wider to look like a skirt. Some people think they should stay in the 90's, but I think otherwise! They are great if it's windy or if you're going to have a more active day and don't want to worry that you're underwear might show!!

New Items Added To The Shop This Week-

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Suitcase Sale @ Bristol Green Week's Big Market

We were so lucky with the weather on Saturday! We brought all the stock in old suitcases and laid out all the stock on a sheet on the floor! It looked fantastic to have both sides of the harbourside full of stalls and old fashioned cases. It was another very successful market for Bristol St Vintage and it was great to meet more people interested in Vintage! Thank you to everyone who purchased an item from me, it would be great to hear from you with feedback- so message me if you can! Im constantly adding new things to the shop to continue to improve it and next I would love to add a testimonials page!

A few leaves became part of the stock!

My homemade chalk board sign

The beautiful vintage china which sold very well -more available at the shop!

Leather Satchel needs a new home!

The latest items added to Bristol St Vintage Shop are -

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Brothel Creepers 2012

So Creepers have literally been creeping they're way back for the past few seasons, helped by certain celebrities such as Rihanna, Fearne and Rita Ora and recently they featured in Chanel's 2013 collection.

Creepers (or Brothel Creepers) originated from WW2, when they were worn by the soldiers. They then became very popular amongst the teddy boys in the 50's and Punk's of the 70's (supplied by Malcolm and Vivienne). The name was adopted by teddy boys attending Soho's Brothels!
The shoes have been adopted by many different sub cultures over the years, e.g. ska, punk, indie, greasers goth etc. In recent times they seem to have been adopted by designers and showing a good example of a trend 'bubbling up' (from the streets to the catwalk instead of vice versa). Under ground England has been making them since the 80's.

Underground England Lookbook 2012

Intern @ Lazy Oaf
Chanel's Cruise 2013
Updated Cute Creepers in Pastels

 I keep seeing them on people and I want some!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Weekend

My Dad's Original Commemorative Tin from 1952 made by OXO.
 Elizabeth was only 25 (same age as me!) when she become Queen in 1952 and is only the 2nd Monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee after her Grandmother Queen Victoria. In 4 years she will have been the longest serving Monarch in Britain's history.

Watching some of the programmes over the past few weeks to celebrate the Jubilee, I have seen some pretty great outfits on the queen! Especially in the early days!

Photo: Cecil Beaton


 The yellow dress worn by the Queen in 1975 really reminded me of this Blue Spotted Vintage Dress currently available from the Bristol St Vintage Shop! Size 12-14, Only £16 Found Here

An 'Upcoming Events' page has now been added to my shop, so keep an eye on that one for where/when you can see Bristol St Vintage!