Bristol Saint Vintage: Brothel Creepers 2012

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Brothel Creepers 2012

So Creepers have literally been creeping they're way back for the past few seasons, helped by certain celebrities such as Rihanna, Fearne and Rita Ora and recently they featured in Chanel's 2013 collection.

Creepers (or Brothel Creepers) originated from WW2, when they were worn by the soldiers. They then became very popular amongst the teddy boys in the 50's and Punk's of the 70's (supplied by Malcolm and Vivienne). The name was adopted by teddy boys attending Soho's Brothels!
The shoes have been adopted by many different sub cultures over the years, e.g. ska, punk, indie, greasers goth etc. In recent times they seem to have been adopted by designers and showing a good example of a trend 'bubbling up' (from the streets to the catwalk instead of vice versa). Under ground England has been making them since the 80's.

Underground England Lookbook 2012

Intern @ Lazy Oaf
Chanel's Cruise 2013
Updated Cute Creepers in Pastels

 I keep seeing them on people and I want some!