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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vintage Style: Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith graced the sofa on Graham Norton's show on Friday Night and I thought she was so sweet! She is known for being a bit eccentric and this definitely comes across in her style. On Friday she wore a gorgeous fitted floor length gown inspired by the 1940's and her signature red hair with blonde streak in victory rolls (which Russell Brand noted looked like a bagel!- Nice!)

She was recently quoted about power dressing and how she uses it is a kind of defence - She said: "Power dressing is a big thing for me. If I'm going into a confrontational situation, I'll make a real effort or if I've just split up with someone, I'll dress up to the nines. 
It gives me confidence, like I'm going into battle. As a teenager, I was always trying to fit in and failed miserably. I wore what was considered trendy but it didn't suit me."

She has definitely given me some inspiration; Vintage style but still on trend,  amazing!
Paloma's latest album 'Fall To Grace' is currently at No.1

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