Bristol Saint Vintage: London 1948 - London 2012: Then and Now

Friday, 27 July 2012

London 1948 - London 2012: Then and Now

Photo: BBC

'The Games opened on 29th July, a brilliantly sunny day'  

Well one thing is the same! That was the weather report on the opening of the Olympic games in London in 1948 and looks like we will have a repeat of glorious sunshine for the event tonight!

Back in 1948 Britain was still in Austerity after WW11 (they were nicknamed The Austerity Games) therefore nothing was built especially for the Olympics or to house the athletes. In fact it was almost handed over to America for fear of the costs. Even though we are currently in recession, a reported 11 billion has been spent this time around!

The funny thing is carrier pigeons were set free and was one of the main highlights of the opening ceremony back in '48 and this years opening ceremony organised by Danny Boyle will feature sheep and other animals in a field - I wonder what the rest of the £27 million were spent on? The NHS will play a big part again in this Olympics with nurses performing a 'bed dance' with children on hospital trollies, yes you heard right! In 1948 nurses and hospital staff were recruited to sit in the arena and help fill up space for the opening ceremony!

Photo: Official London 2012 Site

So many aspects of the 2012 games has come under scrutiny from the logo to the outfits designed by Stella McCartney. As no doubt I'm sure things were scrutinised back in 1948!A first for something though; 2012 is the first year all of the 26 sports will have have a female equivalent, which is great but a shame it has taken so long! 

Take a look below at the the change in the costumes!

Go Team GB!

Simple Outfits worn by Ladies at the 1948 Games
Photo: The Evening Standard

1948 Olympics Ladies Hurdles
Photo: The Telegraph
2012 Olympics Outfits designed by Stella McCartney
Photo: Metro
2012 and 1948 Torches
Photo: Reuters