Bristol Saint Vintage: Vintage Hairstyles Reworked! Part 2 1920's-50's

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Vintage Hairstyles Reworked! Part 2 1920's-50's

So for this blog I had a go at doing more technical hairstyles from the 1920's-1950's and it wasn't easy! I found finger waving so difficult on the first attempt but i'm hoping it will get better with practise! I am not a hair stylist but it was definitely fun trying to modernise a few vintage hairstyles!

1920's Finger wave/ Marcel Wave a la Claudette Colbert

This was so difficult! I gave up in the end trying to all my whole head and opted for one finger wave at the front! I think it makes it a bit more contemporary. 

1930's Looses Wave a la Jean Harlow

For this on I did a finger wave on the fringe and curled the rest with bendy rollers, then brushed it out after it dried. I think if my hair was shorter the curls would look a bit more defined! Its a bit too heavy! 

1940's/50's Victory Rolls a la Betty Grable

Didn't get the light right on this one, I do have a roll on my head- it's a bit more obvious in the 2nd picture!

Yesterday I added this 1950's Handmade Green and Red Apron, and later this week i'll be adding a large amount of vintage shoes! Very exciting!