Bristol Saint Vintage: Bunting Tutorial and Harbourside Market

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bunting Tutorial and Harbourside Market

So i know this is ANYTHING but an original idea but my old plastic bunting was coming to an end of it's life and so i decided to give my stall more of a personal handmade touch and made my own bunting!

So I began by using my old plastic bunting as a template and cut out 13 triangles in some pretty floral vintage inspired material.

I then began pinning each triangle with an even space between each one onto my sturdy cotton ribbon.

Good thing I have a long living room! My ribbon was 6 metres long but left big gaps at the end.

I then fed each one through the sewing machine, taking care to remove the pins before they passed through - you could tack them on first or just tack them and not worry about sewing with a machine - its your choice!

The first triangles done!

At the Harbourside Market on Saturday the bunting had it's first use!

All in all it was such a fun market (as it always is) - apart from the bursts of random rain! Hopefully we'll be back in a few weeks!