Bristol Saint Vintage: Vintage Cake Stand Tutorial

Monday, 17 September 2012

Vintage Cake Stand Tutorial

Over the past week i've been thinking of different ways to display my vintage items on my stall - to show them off to their full potential! I decided to make my own cake stand, out of some vintage plates and glasses to display some of my earrings and small pieces.

I managed to collect 3 different size plates in the same pattern and 2 matching glasses but any odd vintage plates and glasses would look fine. It all adds to the handmade shabby chic effect!

I began by adding normal glass glue to the rim of one glass...

Then placing it upside down on the smallest plate.

I then repeated the same with the middle sized plate and the other glass.

I then left them to cure by the window (the glue i used needed sunlight to set it - im not sure if all glass glues are the same?)

Then I took the middle plate with glass attached and added more glue to the bottom of the glass and placed it in the middle of the largest plate.

Then I repeated the same with the smallest plate and glass to achieve this 3 Tiered Vintage Cake Stand!

It's up to you really on how to assemble it and you might even not want to glue the bottom of the glasses down. This means you will be able to transport it easier and leaves it open to be changed around!