Bristol Saint Vintage: Wearable Early 1960's Styles

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wearable Early 1960's Styles

With the return of both British show 'The Hour' and the hit American show 'Mad Men', 1960's style is booming. Think 1960's and we think mini skirts, Biba, big twiggy eyes with perfect liquid eyeliner and flower power, but The Hour/Mad Men Style has a more mature and professional feel. As with the 'Wearable 1920's Styles' you might want to incorporate parts of the 1960's themes into your wardrobe without looking too over the top! But I say go for it!

In the late 1950's/early 1960's the full skirt that was made popular by Dior's Corelle range in 1947 was still popular, but the pencil skirt which was also launched at that time began to push ahead and become the most worn skirt in the 1960's (with pumps!). For the profession woman in the early 1960's, Jackie O was a big influence! Jackie Kennedy was known for her pastel suits with large buttons.

Cat Eye Specs

1950's/1960's Cat Eye Specs
ThayerEyewear $89/£57.63

1950s/1960s Cat Eye Glasses

The Pencil Dress/Skirt

1960's Vixen Cut Out Pencil Dress With Matching Coat, $49
Turquiose Heaven
(Link Unknown)

1960's Lemon Pencil Dress
Shanti Vintage, £25

1960's Style 1980's Brown Wool Skirt With Belt
Bristol St Vintage, £12

Cocktail/Evening Dresses

1960's Gold Lame Cocktail Dress
Deomas, Sold

1960's Gold Floral Brocade Gown


Vintage Green and Black Satchel
Free UK Shipping

1960's Mint Green Satchel
Dandelion Day Dreamer , Sold


1960' Red Velvet Pumps
AntyShanty, £25.90

1960's Orange Leather Pumps
VintageTemptress, £15.54

Pill Box Hats

1960's Yellow Felt Pill Box Hat
AllengroveVintage, £16.19

Vintage Pink Pill Box Hat 'Jackie'
Emsdesertrose, £32.38


The Hour
Set In 1956/7
BBC 2 

An Education
Lone Sherfig

Mad Men


The Help
Tate Taylor