Bristol Saint Vintage: August 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bunting Tutorial and Harbourside Market

So i know this is ANYTHING but an original idea but my old plastic bunting was coming to an end of it's life and so i decided to give my stall more of a personal handmade touch and made my own bunting!

So I began by using my old plastic bunting as a template and cut out 13 triangles in some pretty floral vintage inspired material.

I then began pinning each triangle with an even space between each one onto my sturdy cotton ribbon.

Good thing I have a long living room! My ribbon was 6 metres long but left big gaps at the end.

I then fed each one through the sewing machine, taking care to remove the pins before they passed through - you could tack them on first or just tack them and not worry about sewing with a machine - its your choice!

The first triangles done!

At the Harbourside Market on Saturday the bunting had it's first use!

All in all it was such a fun market (as it always is) - apart from the bursts of random rain! Hopefully we'll be back in a few weeks!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Simple Head Band Tutorials

 After seeing loads of boho floral and feather headbands at Fieldview and after seeing them around shops, online etc etc- I thought i'd have a go at making my own headband out of bits and bobs i've been collecting!

Leaf Headband

Ok so this headband wont last forever but it's got an earthy/boho feel and it's so simple to make!

Old Headband, Ribbon and Leaves collected

Glue the ribbon to the headband and wrap around at the ends, then begin gluing the leaves around the headband  all facing the same way and making sure all the stalks are covered by the next leaf.

Feather Headband

A simple feather headband using an old alice band!

Feathers in 2 colours, an old alice band and pegs/clips to hold the feathers in place. 

Begin gluing the feathers onto the alice band (in the same direction - i started with one colour first) and clipping them into place whilst the glue dries - leave a small space in between in each one. 

Then begin gluing the second colour feathers in between the first colour ones, then go around and trim the ends so they don't show!

Button Headband

Ribbon, Buttons, Thread and Needle and any other embellishments you might have!

I marked off at the ends where i wanted the buttons to be and began to sew them, by hand, onto the ribbon.

I then did the same with the rest!

I then cut the ribbon to the length i wanted- simple!

The following images have inspired me!
The Crimson Owl

Rouge Pony

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fieldview Festival Style 2012

So Fieldview Festival worked its magic again, last weekend in the town of Little Somerford. 
Fieldview's 6th Festival, which started as a party in the back garden for friends and family of the organisers Dan and James Cameron, made way for 3,000 festival goers. The annual Friday dressing up theme was Myths and Fairytales with each wristband adorned with one of 5 - Ninja, Centaur, Wizard, Unicorn and Dragon!
We went to Fieldview last year with a group of 10 ish people and this year it grew to about 25! People are drawn to the laid back atmosphere, the friendly faces (which you will no doubt bump into again and again) the local (and occasionally not so local) but amazing bands and the eco aware theme that runs through the whole event. Its not hard to see why this event is growing each year! 

Two ladies set up a free nail and hair customising stall in the sun!
Vintage Stall Tinker Taylor Solder Sailor headed by Jennifer.

A few looks from the fields - 
Lovely Rachel in her amazing vintage find!
Katy who ran the Jewellery stall

Sweet Camilla! Love the scarf
Laid back hippy style all the way; flower head bands are still going strong! 
Such a laid back atmosphere especially when it wasn't raining!
Kadija Kamara who is beautiful!
Another amazing band which fits delightful in with a modern vintage theme was the 'Electric Swing Circus'. They had a beautiful 1940's/50's swing, 20's/30's Jazz vibe all rolled into one and then suddenly they dropped a drum and bass beat onto it, which sounds so strange but believe me completely worked! I would love to see them again and unfortunately, as I was unprepared for this amazing music, we were at the back so I have no pictures of them live!

Electric Swing Circus
Photo: Futures.Coop

So Keen To Have Their Picture Taken!
 Mythological creatures was very broad!
Unfortunately we had loads of rain on the first 2 days so didn't get as many photos as I would have liked - most people were under waterproofs and umbrellas!
But we love you FVF!

 Till Next Year .... but if you can't wait Fieldview also host a special New Years Eve Event
Check out there website here -