Bristol Saint Vintage: September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Bristol Pound Launch: Suitcase Sale @ St Nicholas Market

On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to have a pitch for the suitcase sale as part of the launch of the Bristol Pound! Yep, Bristol now has its own currency! 

As the sun went down, the alley where we were trading, suddenly feel like a Parisian market! We had some gypsy jazz playing and the atmosphere was lovely! We had a lady selling cakes, hot chocolate served in vintage teacups and the public wandering through with a drink in hand - A great experience!

For more information about the Bristol Pound and where you can use them, head here - 

Monday, 17 September 2012

Vintage Cake Stand Tutorial

Over the past week i've been thinking of different ways to display my vintage items on my stall - to show them off to their full potential! I decided to make my own cake stand, out of some vintage plates and glasses to display some of my earrings and small pieces.

I managed to collect 3 different size plates in the same pattern and 2 matching glasses but any odd vintage plates and glasses would look fine. It all adds to the handmade shabby chic effect!

I began by adding normal glass glue to the rim of one glass...

Then placing it upside down on the smallest plate.

I then repeated the same with the middle sized plate and the other glass.

I then left them to cure by the window (the glue i used needed sunlight to set it - im not sure if all glass glues are the same?)

Then I took the middle plate with glass attached and added more glue to the bottom of the glass and placed it in the middle of the largest plate.

Then I repeated the same with the smallest plate and glass to achieve this 3 Tiered Vintage Cake Stand!

It's up to you really on how to assemble it and you might even not want to glue the bottom of the glasses down. This means you will be able to transport it easier and leaves it open to be changed around!

Monday, 10 September 2012

A Collaboration: Agyness Deyn and Dr Martins

Agyness Deyn has recently teamed up with the Doc Martins brand to produce an exclusive line of shoes, boots, bags and clothing. I'm loving the floral dresses teamed with the boots which make it not too girly!

Aggy Cherry Red Creeper Shoe

The Griggs family had been producing shoes in their Northampton factory for over 50 years before they even began to produce Dr Martin boots as we know them today. They were a respected and established shoe making company but underneath it all they were different. In the late 1950's Bill Griggs happened upon an advert in the Shoe and Leather News magazine by a German duo named 'Dr Maertens' and 'Dr Funck' looking for an innovative overseas company to take their new 'Air Cushioned Sole' and turn it into a shoe.

Aggy Strap Boot

Bill Griggs and the duo teamed up and on 1st April 1960, the Dr Martin was born.
Over the next 40 years the 'Dr Martin' boot (initially intended as a work man's boot and worn in the factories) was to be adopted as a 'uniform' by many different British sub cultures and established as a beacon of difference and rebellion against society. Pete Townsend immortalised this rebellion was in amongst the flower power-ness of the 1960's, donning a pair of Dr Martins on stage with his band The Who.

Dr Martin's Heart Satchel

'Consequently, the subcultures who have championed Dr. Martens reads like a Who's Who' of youth culture: skins, punks, two tone, Oi!, hardcore, psychobilly, goth, industrial, grebo, grunge, Britpop, emo … the list goes on.' (

The one thing that all of these sub cultures have in common, is that they all want to be different, to stand out and they all look to Dr Martin's to achieve this. Maybe they will be worn in different ways (whether laced up or undone with the high top folded) to give the shoe new meaning but they will always have a sense of rebellion.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Retroville @ The Tobacco Factory

Yesterday we were at Retroville - the monthly vintage and retro market at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. Unfortunately I didnt get to have a massively good look around as I was manning the stall but there were some amazing bits and bobs and met some of lovely stall holders!

Our new 'Pick 'N' Mix' Plate Basket

Our latest clothing addition which will be available on the shop in the next few days!

You will hopefully find us at the next Retroville Market on the 7th October!
The next market will be the Harbourside Market this Saturday 11-4,
Pop down and see us!