Bristol Saint Vintage: 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bristol Saint Vintage October Recap

Hello! Hope you guys have had a great October and the sudden drop in temperature hasn't shocked you too much!

I've been super busy with Bristol Saint Vintage this month, getting in the winter stock and shooting as much of it as I could! The first shoot was modelled by the lovely Charlotte (Charlie) Holworthy and what a treat that was! 
We got a phenomenal amount of jumpers and blazers photographed for the online shop - Check out warm snuggly-ness at the Bristol Saint Vintage ASOS Boutique

The second shoot of the month was modelled by me and photographed by the amazing Danielle (Dani) Baker.
We shot in and around Queen's Square in Bristol - which was interesting to say the least!

Those items will be in the shop very shortly!

The brilliant Carrie Green (who heads up the Female Entrepreneur Association @FEATweets) recently gave a few tickets away for the 'Time To Shine' Conference held at the Park Plaza Hotel in London and I was lucky enough to win one! The conference was organised by the happiness and business coach Alexandra Watson @happinesscoach who was extraordinarily energetic and vibrant.

We all received a signed copy of Nick Williams' book 'Resisting Your Soul - A Handbook For Inspired Entrepreneurs' which was complimented by his talk. Other inspiring talks were given by Rachael Taplin (Blueboo, Mums In Control) , Bridget Long (Nu Skin), Clare Jefferis (SheMarketing), Claire Brummell (Feminine 1st), Kathleen Mitchell (Stella and Dot). I learnt so much and now feel so inspired! I will definitely find the time to go next year as well and if you're a female business owner/entrepreneur then I urge you to go too!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bristol Fashion Week A/W 2013: Live Blogging Event

Last Friday I was invited, as one of 100 bloggers from the South West, to attend the Live Blogging Event at the Mall Cribbs Causeway. 
It was a first for me, as i'd never felt compelled to attend these bi-annual events at Cribbs - as its quite far, but this was a good opportunity to meet other bloggers, see some styling (and the goody bag helped too!) 
 It obviously featured outfits compiled from selected stores in The Mall - they'd even tagged items in the stores to recreate the looks which was a good idea for people who find it hard to put outfits together. 

Bristol Fashion Week Hosted By Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton
A punky opening!

A touch of piracy in the Wallis show
JD Sport segment seemed to be inspired by Stomp
Realised winter is just around the corner after this segment!
Controversial: This Ann Summers segment attracted many a tweet debating the idea behind the different clothing for the men and women
Check out my pics and videos from the show on our Instagram
 To read all the tweets from the Live Blogging Event, Head HERE

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Bath Fashion Museum: Laura Ashley

On the same vein as having more fun and being more  positive, I thought id be pro-active and head out to Bath for the day to visit the Fashion Museum on the appropriately named 'Bennett Street'. The last time I was there, was my birthday a few years ago, so its always good to check out new exhibition!

They've currently got a few different exhibitions going on including -

The Laura Ashley Exhibition (ends on the 26th August)
Fifty Fabulous Frocks
Twentieth Century Evening Wear
The Dress Of The Year

The main attraction was the 60th Anniversary 'The Romantic Heroine' Laura Ashley exhibition - which is a display of over 70 L.A. dresses from her 'defining' era - the late 1960's-1970's. This period for Laura Ashley dresses meant long floral numbers, with high necks and mutton leg sleeves, taking pure inspiration from the Victorian era. Her designs gave an alternative to the 1960's optimism and instead gave a nostalgic feel. This feeling was very in tune with the mood of 1970's Britain, which by this time has experienced deaths of major public figures (the Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King), the Vietnam War continued and IRA bombings had spread to mainland Britain. Society was looking for escapism and they found this with the romantic Laura Ashley designs.

My two favourite pieces - The pink pinafore dress and the apricot cotton long sundress 

 I feel a small personal connection as a 1960's Laura Ashley coat was one of my first pieces of stock for Bristol Saint Vintage!

The 'Fifty Fabulous Frocks' exhibition was a clever amalgamation of modern and classic dresses - featuring designers such as Coco Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, Erdem and Vivienne Westwood. But designer's names weren't everything, there were a few pieces without designer's names, such as the mickey mouse dress (pictured below - so pretty!)

The Twentieth Century Evening Collection was a vast rainbow of glorious evening pieces and shoes. There were sequins, furs, beads and just an amazing sense of it being a glamourous movie star's wardrobe which transcended over different eras!

The Dress of The Year was launched by Bath Fashion Museum In 1963. The 50th Dress of the year which is currently on show was designed by Dior's new head designer Raf Simons.
The dress itself is a cut of ball gown of silk with appliqued pink and blue flowers, worn with black slim trousers and court shoes.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Vintage Business : What's My Motivation?

This blog is a little different than usual, I normally try and keep it light but at the end of the day, I want this blog to be more than just about fashion and pretty things! I want it to be something for other people who are running their own business to read and think, 'Yes! I feel like that too sometimes!'

The pop up shop in June was so fun for me and I felt like Bristol Saint Vintage was starting to move forward and grow as a business. But after pushing it forward for months, when it came to an end, I started to lose focus. I started thinking, 'Why am I doing this? Why don't I just go and work for someone else and be done with it?'
I'm constantly comparing BSV to all other vintage businesses and thinking 'How are they doing that? Why can't I do that too? What has made them get where they are?' and in return thinking of all my obstacles that I think are stopping me from getting to that 'successful' place.

I needed to step back and rediscover why I wanted to run my own business in the first place.

These are my motivational points/goals which are now written above my work space to keep me focused -
- I want flexibility in my schedule
-I want to work hard for me and my family (not some big evil corporation)
- I want to have fun with my job and customers (and not get told off like a child, by a ridiculous boss who cant manage)
-To create a profitable business I am proud of

Another brilliant motivation tool is ANYTHING by Carrie from the Female Entrepreneur Association - she makes some amazing videos which always help me!

I've really learnt that a positive state of mind is so powerful. I'm now making the mental decision to stop pressuring myself and start having fun with it again! 

This shoot with Chloe was a good start!

All these pieces are in store now
China available from Bristol Markets only.

Events Coming Up -
Make Sundays Special (18th Aug) 
 Bank Holiday Monday Harbourside Market (26th Aug)
Magpie's Vintage Market At The Mauretania (7th Sept)
Christmas Pop Up Shop At The Victorian Washrooms (7th Dec-21st Dec)

More to follow!

Whats gets you out of bed in the morning?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

This Year's Vintage And Secondhand Buys...... (so far!)

Approaching the half way mark of my new years resolution of not buying any new clothes from the high street for a year! Thought id show what vintage and secondhand beauties i've found so far - its crazy to think I've only bought 6 things for myself this year, but I think all of my purchases have been far more considered compared to if id been shopping on the high street (especially Primark!) Ive also treated myself to a new nail varnish and lipstick as a reward - but i definitely want to look into saving money on make-up maybe making my own? Here's to the next 6 months!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bristol Saint Vintage Pop Up Boutique and Princes Trust Launch!

With a bit of a delay between blog updates, i'd like to celebrate my 100th blog post with details of our amazing Pop Up Boutique which came to an end on Saturday!

Firstly the whole of May and first couple of weeks of June, have been a total blur of planning, stock gathering, photo shoot and most importantly my business launch with the Princes Trust. The business launch consists of presenting your business idea to a 3 person panel (kinda like Dragon's Den but much less scary!) and answering questions that they may have. It was scary, but an amazing opportunity and more importantly I was successful!

So for everyone who couldn't make it, here are some pictures of the first Bristol Saint Vintage Pop Up Boutique! The venue was the Victorian Cloakroom on the corner of Woodland Road and Park Row in Bristol, which was beautifully quirky!

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 So we are now back to business as usual!
Head to our ASOS Boutique