Bristol Saint Vintage: 2013 New Years Resolution : Could You Go A Year Without Buying New?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 New Years Resolution : Could You Go A Year Without Buying New?

So for 2013, I've been inspired by many other people who have vowed not to buy anything new for 12 months - Yes thats 1 year!
Now Im not a massive clothes shopper (for myself) anyway, not like I used to be in Uni (I felt a bit of pressure to have new things all the time especially going to Fashion Uni and living in London!) but now things have definitely changed! Being a working mum, I'm cash and time poor! So I want to use what money and time I do have, to be spent on clothing and making, in a thoughtful and eco conscious (is that a term?) way. And most importantly I want to be creative with it!

Photo: Uniform Project
This thought of not buying new, was brought to my attention a few years ago by a lady who wore the same dress for a year (she had 5 different versions of the same dress!). This was called the Uniform Project and it was to help raise money for underprivileged children in India and show the importance of sustainable fashion. In doing so, not only was she encouraged to be creative everyday by styling it differently, she raised $100K! There was an interactive approach to the project, as people would donate their clothes and accessories to go with the dress and in return get 'awarded' a day of the year - Check it out HERE

Well i'm not confident enough that ill be able to wear the same dress for the year BUT I have vowed not to buy any new clothing for 2013.

Lily, a blogger from London, vowed not to buy any new clothes for a year and ended up going an extra year! This is her original blog and you can see what outfits she put together on her Chictopia account. She says this experience has changed her whole approach to how she consumes fashion and likes to spend her money on more sustainable fashion now - I think i'll send her an email to see if she's got any tips for me!

Im hoping this experiment will encourage me to wear more vintage (shouldnt be too hard as I run my own vintage shop obviously!) but also to make my own and customise charity shop finds! I also want to use this thought throughout my home - I need a new laundry basket but instead of buying new im going to look for a tutorial online (watch this space!)

Photo: DIY Couture
Through researching this, I've already found this group called DIY Couture who have great free tutorials (and others you can pay for) for clothing that is current! Puts a new spin on those old patterns you find in the charity shops! I'm going to have a go at this tutorial to make a simple skirt...

I will document everything I make and find and hopefully pass on some tips if others are tempted to do the same!

In other news I've found some beautiful vintage bits for the Bristol St Vintage Shop, to be added over the next few days, so keep an eye out! Like this cream dress with faux pearl beads around the collar and sleeves.