Bristol Saint Vintage: 2013 Trends: Could The Scrunchy Ever Be Cool?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

2013 Trends: Could The Scrunchy Ever Be Cool?

First appearing in the late 80's and becoming an iconic trend of the 90's- the scrunchie is set to make a come back this year along with the rest of the 90's revival!
The scrunchie is an odd thing - apparently it was invented because the fabric acts as a barrier to protect thin or damaged hair when putting it up, rather than using a normal hair band. The trend took off as hats were becoming unpopular in the mid 80's and the freedom to coordinate a scrunchie with an outfit encouraged the trend to blossom (lol)

Clarissa Explains It All and My So Called Life both contained avid wearers of scrunchies!

Sex and the City had an episode dedicated to scrunchie's. Carrie makes fun of Berger because he has 'his leading lady running around town with a scrunchie on' But even SJP ended up wearing a giant scrunchie later on in the show!

A few S/S 2013 collections saw the inclusion of modernised scrunchies, for example Ashish and Vivienne Westwood's Red Label. 

Vivienne Westwood Red Label S/S 2013

Ashish S/S 2013

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make my own and see if I could make it work?
Continuing with my 'not buying new' resolution, I found some lace I bought last year (for another project I didnt end up doing!), some t-shirt fabric and some old elastic and did this...

I sewed two pieces of lace together to make it into an open ended tube - then turned it inside out to hide the sewing.

I used a safety pin to thread the elastic through the tube and tied in a knot.

I then tucked one end into the other and hand sewed to finish off!
There's the other large scrunchie made from t-shirt material

I'm not sure i'm convinced! Might just stick to wearing them as bracelets!