Bristol Saint Vintage: Tips On Avoiding Buying New

Friday, 11 January 2013

Tips On Avoiding Buying New

As you might know, I've decided 2013 is going to be a year of not buying any new clothes and I'm going to blog about any tips or experiences that happen along the way!

Tip One : Go Through Your Wardrobe

This week i've been going through the clothes i've already got and even though i seem to have loads, I only wear half of it! I reckon a lot of people do exactly the same and they get into a cycle of wearing the same items in rotation.
I divided it all up into -

Things I like and still wear
Things i'm unsure of
Things I haven't worn for ages
Things that need to be mended

Obviously things i still like went back on the rail! The things i'm unsure of are put to the side (ready to go through again later), Things I haven't worn for ages are put at the front of the rail (so I have no choice but to see them and wear !) and the clothes that need to be mended go in to mending pile. Its shocking how many things I haven't worn just because they need new buttons or a simple repair job!
Like these items!

Tip Two: Make Time To Repair Your Clothes

Without shopping for new clothes, i'm bound to have a few hours free to mend some of my old broken clothes that have started gathering dust!

This American Apparel tunic I bought years ago, got bleach stained after I wore it once! I didn't want to take it to charity or throw it away because it wasn't cheap and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to it! So naturally it's sat in a draw not doing anything. This is perfect opportunity to do something with it!
I have very simply taken a triangle of floral vintage inspired material (extra from the bunting I made - See the blog here) and sewn it on over the bleach mark!

The finished item!