Bristol Saint Vintage: Recreate Looks From Hitchcock 2013

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Recreate Looks From Hitchcock 2013

With the release of the Hitchcock movie yesterday late 50's/early 60's fashion is in the spotlight once more!
The film follows Hitchcock as he films and releases the hit horror movie 'Psycho'. Though the success of the movie wasn't foreseen by anyone but 'Hitch' himself and he struggled to get financing and get approved by the tough censors of the time - But things like money and censors wouldn't stop him and the movie shows how he cleverly got around these obstacles.

The film stars Anthony Hopkins as the man himself, Helen Mirren as wife Alma (who I thought stole the show!), Scarlet Johansson as Janet Leigh and Jessica Biel as Vera Miles and more!
The clothing in the movie was spot on in style and it was interesting to see the replicas of the 'Psycho' costumes in colour rather than different shades of grey from the movie itself. In particular this movie's wardrobe seems to have a an array of muted pastel colours.

To put this look together think dresses with full skirts and matching belts or fitted pencil skirts with shirts and cardigans. If you're a little intimidated of wearing the clothes, why not give the 50's a nod with some cat eyes glasses on a pearl chain a la Toni Collette or wear a head scarf a la Helen Mirren (in the car scene)?

Full skirt dresses with matching belts.

Pastel colour cat eyes sunglasses with pencil skirt and cardi.

Navy shirt dress with necklace through the collar.

I also loved all the 50's underwear - Those slips, suspenders and conical bras must have been so uncomfortable, but would be fun to try it out for a day! 

All the vintage items pictured will be added to our shop in the next few days - if you'd like to be notified of a specific item's arrival - leave a comment below!