Bristol Saint Vintage: This Week: What I Wore

Saturday, 23 March 2013

This Week: What I Wore

 As March draws to a close, its now been 3 months since I bought any clothes from the high street! I'm a quarter of the way through (still a while to go!) so i've been forced to re-style a few things - I'm already starting to get a bit bored with what i've got!  I've been looking at site's like The Sartorialist and The People's Runway On ASOS to give me a bit of inspiration! 
Here are some of my favourite outfits from the past week-

Topshop Denim Playsuit
Vintage Shirt (Worn underneath)
Primark Brooch
Urban Outfitters Brogues

Topshop Black Dress (Worn Underneath)
Urban Outfitters Dress 
Office Wellies

Primark Bodysuit (Worn Underneath)
Primark Black Lace Bodysuit
Primark Skirt
Brogues As Before

Vintage Top (Worn Underneath Collar Just Seen)
Primark Dress
Brogues As Before

I was in a silly mood today!
Photographed by Chloe