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Monday, 12 August 2013

Vintage Business : What's My Motivation?

This blog is a little different than usual, I normally try and keep it light but at the end of the day, I want this blog to be more than just about fashion and pretty things! I want it to be something for other people who are running their own business to read and think, 'Yes! I feel like that too sometimes!'

The pop up shop in June was so fun for me and I felt like Bristol Saint Vintage was starting to move forward and grow as a business. But after pushing it forward for months, when it came to an end, I started to lose focus. I started thinking, 'Why am I doing this? Why don't I just go and work for someone else and be done with it?'
I'm constantly comparing BSV to all other vintage businesses and thinking 'How are they doing that? Why can't I do that too? What has made them get where they are?' and in return thinking of all my obstacles that I think are stopping me from getting to that 'successful' place.

I needed to step back and rediscover why I wanted to run my own business in the first place.

These are my motivational points/goals which are now written above my work space to keep me focused -
- I want flexibility in my schedule
-I want to work hard for me and my family (not some big evil corporation)
- I want to have fun with my job and customers (and not get told off like a child, by a ridiculous boss who cant manage)
-To create a profitable business I am proud of

Another brilliant motivation tool is ANYTHING by Carrie from the Female Entrepreneur Association - she makes some amazing videos which always help me!

I've really learnt that a positive state of mind is so powerful. I'm now making the mental decision to stop pressuring myself and start having fun with it again! 

This shoot with Chloe was a good start!

All these pieces are in store now
China available from Bristol Markets only.

Events Coming Up -
Make Sundays Special (18th Aug) 
 Bank Holiday Monday Harbourside Market (26th Aug)
Magpie's Vintage Market At The Mauretania (7th Sept)
Christmas Pop Up Shop At The Victorian Washrooms (7th Dec-21st Dec)

More to follow!

Whats gets you out of bed in the morning?