Bristol Saint Vintage: March 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013

This Week: What I Wore

 As March draws to a close, its now been 3 months since I bought any clothes from the high street! I'm a quarter of the way through (still a while to go!) so i've been forced to re-style a few things - I'm already starting to get a bit bored with what i've got!  I've been looking at site's like The Sartorialist and The People's Runway On ASOS to give me a bit of inspiration! 
Here are some of my favourite outfits from the past week-

Topshop Denim Playsuit
Vintage Shirt (Worn underneath)
Primark Brooch
Urban Outfitters Brogues

Topshop Black Dress (Worn Underneath)
Urban Outfitters Dress 
Office Wellies

Primark Bodysuit (Worn Underneath)
Primark Black Lace Bodysuit
Primark Skirt
Brogues As Before

Vintage Top (Worn Underneath Collar Just Seen)
Primark Dress
Brogues As Before

I was in a silly mood today!
Photographed by Chloe

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Jessica Hart's Upcycled Clothing Collection

If you read my blog, you'll know I've vowed not to by any new clothes or shoes for myself this year from the high street. So instead, i'm relying on vintage, second hand items or restyling and customising old clothes.

Jessica Hart studied Fashion and Textile Design at UWE and has since taken her skills as a textile designer to London and the South East. Hart's most recent work is an entire collection from reworking old, second hand and donated clothing. 

' don't need to buy everything new to create something beautiful'

The collection has a soft dream like quality to it, but the pastel shades are off set by the model Hannah Poulton's striking blue eyebrows. Collected garments are shredded and amalgamated to form entirely new pieces - My personal favourites are the pom pom headband and white mini dress with statement shoulder decoration. I spoke to the designer to get more insight behind the collection...

The creative process of this collection was a little different than usual for Hart. She had to design garments from the clothing she sourced, rather than designing the garments first and then finding suitable materials.

'I love to always keep a sense of playfulness and fun in my work, using sustainable materials hasn't changed that; but the end product here was certainly heavily influenced by what I could find on my trips rummaging around the charity shops'

Refreshingly, Hart wanted to use sustainable materials in her collection because she felt a responsibility as a clothing designer, to step away from using new fabrics. 

'...the collection was really a reaction to feeling that sometimes as designers we forget what a wide variety of fabrics and resources are out there that can be reclaimed and up-cycled into something new...'

And this is not just a one off 'eco' collection, Hart leaves us awaiting a future of 'more wearable up-cycled treats'
So watch this space!

All Clothes, Accessories and Styling: Jessica Hart
Model: Hannah Poulton
Photography: Hannah Richardson
Set Design and Decoration: Anne Bishop

You can see more from Jessica Hart on her page The Dress Up Box

Sunday, 3 March 2013

ASOS Boutique Launch

In preparation for our ASOS Boutique launch tomorrow, I did a little video to show a few of our new items in our vintage velvet collection. Apologies for the sound!