Bristol Saint Vintage: October 2013

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bristol Fashion Week A/W 2013: Live Blogging Event

Last Friday I was invited, as one of 100 bloggers from the South West, to attend the Live Blogging Event at the Mall Cribbs Causeway. 
It was a first for me, as i'd never felt compelled to attend these bi-annual events at Cribbs - as its quite far, but this was a good opportunity to meet other bloggers, see some styling (and the goody bag helped too!) 
 It obviously featured outfits compiled from selected stores in The Mall - they'd even tagged items in the stores to recreate the looks which was a good idea for people who find it hard to put outfits together. 

Bristol Fashion Week Hosted By Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton
A punky opening!

A touch of piracy in the Wallis show
JD Sport segment seemed to be inspired by Stomp
Realised winter is just around the corner after this segment!
Controversial: This Ann Summers segment attracted many a tweet debating the idea behind the different clothing for the men and women
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