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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Secondhand, Vintage and Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

I love decorating for christmas! It's a good excuse to get a bit crafty and creative :)
Here are a few of my ideas and things I'm loving this Christmas...

Bauble Wreaths

For last years' Christmas Pop Up Shop I made a bauble wreath from a mixture of vintage and new baubles. Its so easy! All you need is a wire coat hanger, lots of baubles and a piece of ribbon. Just form the hanger into a circle shape and undo the twisted part at the top. Start hooking the baubles onto the wire (i followed a simple pattern as best i could to give it an even look, but put them on however you want!) When it is completely full with baubles, refasten at the top and bend the hook downwards so its not seen. Then attach a ribbon and hang! Voila!

Vintage book Christmas Card Holder

These vintage book sculptures, again are pretty simple but definitely effective, if you've got the patience! Just get your hands on a decent length vintage book (i usually use ones where the hardbacks are a bit rough or damaged, so i dont feel too guilty!) You can either fold each page into a point (like your trying to make a paper aeroplane) or simply fold each page in half. There is definitely room for experimentation here! Follow us on Instagram to see more like this @bristolstvintage


Garlands are nice just haphazardly hung .....anywhere really!
Pom poms have made a real come back over the past few years. If you saw Kirstie Allsop's Crafty Christmas, you'll know what i'm about to mention. Yes, the amazing pom pom makers! No more cutting cardboard doughnuts, you can now have pom poms in mere minutes! 
Can you tell how much I love pom poms?! 

Wool Warehouse - Clover Pom Pom Maker

I also saw recently a clever way of reusing and bits of nice scrap paper (I'm sure I'm not the only one that collects different papers right?....hmm) These tree garlands are so sweet, you could also do star shapes, leaf shapes, reindeer shapes....any shapes! Just cut out your shapes, take 2, slot them together and attach to some thread a la this Pinterest image...


How could I not include the humble paper cut snowflake??? These are so much fun to make with the kids or with friends over wine on a crafty night. These are some of my favourite...

Photo Credit

Photo Credit 
So whether you put up your decorations on the 1st December or haven't started yet, some of these ideas can be made on an evening and added to your rooms! :)

What have you made this year for Christmas? Pop any pictures in the comments below!

Merry Christmas all! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Top Tips On How to Shop Vintage and Secondhand This Christmas

Christmas is so EXCITING! Yay! Family time, no work and presents! But lets face it, it can be a little daunting and expensive to lavish friends and family with amazing gifts-
Why not step away from the high street and try a different approach? 
Shopping vintage, secondhand and handmade can be cheaper, more fun and will force you to put a little more thought into the person you're buying for!

Here are my top tips for shopping vintage, secondhand and handmade this Christmas -

 Start early

Picture credit
Now I don't mean starting in January here, but you probably wont get away with a last minute shop (all those who do all their shopping on Christmas Eve...SORRY not this year!) 
Starting now (in mid November) is perfect but obviously the earlier the better even if it's just gathering ideas.

Pinterest is your new best friend

If you're not on Pinterest, I would definitely recommend it! If you're not familiar, it's an amazing site for gathering images, tutorials and products on the net and 'pinning' them onto different 'boards'. You could easily create a board for each friend or relative to keep it all separate. You also have the option of making your boards public or private, so no worries about spoiling surprises!
A word of warning though, it gets VERY addictive!

Window Shop

It's definitely an occupational hazard of mine (and a perk, of course!) but I'm always drawn to Charity Shops, Car boots and anywhere where I might find that perfect........something! In the coming weeks, make stopping in the charity shops, part of your routine. Most charity shops bring in new stock every week and some even have their own vintage sections! You'll be surprised at what people donate. I've found some beautiful things over the past few years and you're also supporting good causes. 

If you're looking for something really specific, I'd head to Ebay. They now have the option to sign up for email notifications if something you're looking for gets listed, meaning you wont miss out!

Christmas Jumpers in the Bristol Saint Vintage online shop
If you're looking for a specific vintage or second hand clothing item (or just want some ideas), then head straight to ASOS Marketplace, the main women's and men's pages have some great edits that have been put together by the ASOS team. A lot of items also have the 'Make an Offer' function, so you can even haggle a bit! (Head to the Bristol Saint Vintage boutique here)
(Whilst you're shopping add any favourite items to your pinterest boards by clicking the 'p' symbol - making it super easy to find them again later)

Get creative!

Receiving a handmade gift can be so special! The amazing thing too, is that most of the time it's way cheaper but shh! don't tell...
This is where Pinterest comes into play again. Have a look through all those tutorials you pinned and pick something you feel confident with.

Our favourite handmade ideas

Your charity shop finds could be reworked, upcycled or altered (i'm pretty sure all these words mean the same thing!). For example a vintage teacup set could be turned into a candle, chocolate gift set or even a bird feeder a la Bristol based Cait Makes (or if you don't feel like making it yourself, head here to the Cait Makes facebook page)

Maybe you found a nice piece of clothing but it needs altering or some embellishments? Even if you have no sewing skills whatsoever, how about using some transfer paper to print a picture or slogan onto a top or a pillow case? That's the best part about it; you can find something to match your ability!
If you're more of a food lover, why not make Homemade Christmas cookies, a gingerbread house and my favourite (and easiest) 'Brownie in a Jar' or indeed anything in a jar! Check out this article for '51 ideas for Christmas gifts in a jar' haha!

And of course what's not to love about giving someone some handmade infused alcohol in a gorgeous bottle or jar with a handwritten tag?  Some amazing ideas i've come across are - 

(click for a tutorial)
Vanilla Bean Vodka (both pictured)

Basically just any flavour and any alcohol, have a go!
Want something non-alcoholic? How about Hot Spiced Apple Juice or Rosemary Infused Olive Oil
(Remember you'll need at least a couple of days for the ingredients to infuse or more depending on the recipe)

Last but not least....

As always, keep your receipts and order slips where you can. Unless you've completely reworked it or made it, it's always a great idea to do this, just incase it breaks or doesn't fit. Yes even charity shops allow returns, but make sure you check when you buy it for the individual stores' return policy :)

So good luck! I'd love to see any pictures of any gifts you've made or bought secondhand/vintage - comment below!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A/W 2014 Trend Watch: Red

Trends can be so tedious sometimes, don't you think? Sometimes I just wanna wear, what I wanna wear! Jeez...

And don't get me started on 'Normcore'..... (here you go,  you're welcome ;) )

If you ARE one for trends, Red was spotted as a micro trend for A/W 2014.
Can red really be a trend with Christmas coming up? Apparently so! Tom Ford, Sportsmax, Valentino and others, all had their own view of which shade of red worked best.
 There was a spectrum of dark deep burgundy tones right up to corals and orangey reds.
So go ahead! Pick a tone that works for YOU!

This trend is so simple to replicate in vintage clothing, so instead of heading to the high street, shop smart and buy second hand or better yet......VINTAGE.
Here is a selection of red items currently in the Bristol Saint Vintage shop.

Red Jacket £15, Matching Red Pencil Skirt £12, Red Patterned Jumper £15, Red Boxy Vest With Button Back £14
Wear head to toe with skirt, top AND jacket or pick one as a statement piece....
What do you think? Too bold or no big deal? Comment below!
I feel so much more Christmassy now.....
Linda x

All catwalk images from

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Where Have I Seen That Before? Vintage Influences For LFW S/S 2015

Fashion week can be crazy - so many shows, events, celebrities, bloggers, goodie bags, selfies, annoying made up fashion words like FROW etc.

No I didn't go, but I can pretend right?

Fashion designers are known to trawl through the fashion archives for inspiration when compiling their latest collections. For who can ever truly be original? We look through the shows of London Fashion Week S/S 2015 and pair them with moments in fashion history. 

Peter Pilotto

1960's PVC Raincoat
Photo: Trendhunter via Pinterest

I love this coat by Peter Pilotto, it's like an art deco stained glass window, made of perspex possibly? It instantly made me think of the 1960's and the experimentation of making clothing with newly discovered materials such as PVC and perspex. Using these new waterproof materials for dresses hats and raincoats was the beginnings of the iconic mod look.
Topshop Unique
Callot Soeurs Couture Ivory Tulle and Bronze Lame Flapper Dress, 1927
Kerry Taylor Auctions via Pinterest
I have chosen a bit of an odd piece from the Topshop Unique collection, as it was mostly white, red and blue (almost sporty looking) dresses. But this gold dress caught my eye as it is so obviously a throw back to the 1920's flapper girl dresses. This flapper dress from 1927 is so similar in style, although has a lot more intricate beading and a sheer panel on the top. I can definitely imagine this dress causing a stir for 1927, it's so sheer!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 'Butterfly Garden' by Arnold Scaasi, 1992
Marchesa's show was full of full length woodstock inspired bohemian dresses, with flowers embroidered into the netted material. So when I found this dress from 1992, it made sense! I love how this dress is in the Met. It's considered artwork and quite right so! The shape is beautiful and reminds me of a costume someone might wear in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Bora Aksu S/S 2015 (Left)
Silk Lace Wedding Dress by Gaston of Murray Hamburger, 1955 (Right)

This striking Bora Aksu dress does indeed bare resemblance to a purple lace wedding dress (veil and all!) But it is very theatrical! The show itself must have been interesting - seeing an entirely white collection and then suddenly introducing greys, blues, blacks and then this number!
 I have chosen the wrong colour dress but this lace wedding dress from 1955 is pretty spot on in terms of design and oh my gosh, isn't is gorgeous? It has the high neck, lace and sheerness (it also has a veil, but annoying there were no images of it)

White Embroidered Lace Tea Gown, 1912
Augusta Auction via Pinterest


I loved the whole feel of Erdem's show - high necks, full length gowns, lace mixed with tropical prints and feathers thrown in for good measure! This white Erdem dress made me think straight away of the high necked dresses of pre-first world war/titanic era dresses and found this white lace embroidered tea dress from the same year!  I love how this would have been normal day wear over 100 years ago, oh how fashion has changed!.... then again maybe not .....haha

All catwalk pictures from London Fashion Week's Website

Saturday, 13 September 2014

How To: Style Denim A/W 2014

Denim is in in everyone's wardrobe, whether it's jeans, jackets, shorts or bags. This humble fabric originally intended for workwear emerged in the late 18th century - but how are we wearing it in A/W 2014?

Images: Pinterest

Here's how I styled some denim pieces from Bristol Saint Vintage Boutique

Round Sunglasses, New Look
Vintage 90's Denim Dress, Bristol Saint Vintage, £18
Black Lace Body, Primark
Navy Blue T-Bar Sandals, Primark

Vintage 90's Denim Dress, Bristol Saint Vintage, £18
Vintage Jumper (Borrowed from my sister! Shh don't tell)
Black Knee High Socks, Primark
Vintage Black Loafers, Bristol Saint Vintage, £16
Lipstick, Kate Moss Rimmel London, Rosetto 04

Retro Gap Denim Shirt, Bristol Saint Vintage, Coming Soon
Flecked Boyfriend Coat, New Look
Red Sparrow Skater Skirt, ASOS
Navy Frilly Socks, Topshop
Vintage Black Loafers, Bristol Saint Vintage, £16 

Retro Gap Denim Shirt, Bristol Saint Vintage, Coming Soon
Reworked Vintage Kimono, Bristol Saint Vintage (Model's Own)
Blue Denim Shorts, American Apparel
Black Boots, Ebay

Retro Gap Denim Shirt, Bristol Saint Vintage, Coming Soon
Vintage Floral Midi Skirt, Bristol Saint Vintage, £14
Black Glittery Bag (Worn as a clutch), Urban Outfitters
Black Velvet Peep Toe Shoes, New Look
Lipstick, MUA Shade 13

Unfortunately these Vintage Lee 'Mom' Jeans sold at last week's Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, but I couldn't resist including them! Hoping to find some more for you guys!

Check out our ASOS Boutique here, for our latest STOCK DROP!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vintage Wedding Outfit Ideas

It can be a bit annoying heading out for the day in something new but turning the corner and seeing someone wearing exactly the same thing! Kinda takes the shine off your new dress right? Well, imagine that, but at a wedding - You've spent loads buying this great high street outfit, but wait, the bride's sister is wearing it too and dare I say it? Wearing it better!

With vintage clothing, this would NEVER happen, thats why it's so damn awesome....

Vintage Shift Dress, Bristol Saint Vintage £15
Belt, Primark
Sequin Bag, Urban Outfitters
Black Peep Toe Shoes, New Look

Vintage Dress, Bristol Saint Vintage £20
Shoes, Topshop
Reworked Vintage Dress, Bristol Saint Vintage £32
Shoes, Vintage
Bag, Worn as a Purse, Charity Shop
Vintage Peach Blouse, Bristol Saint Vintage £12
Vintage Patterned Midi Skirt, Bristol Saint Vintage £14
Shoes, Topshop

Which outfit would you choose? Comment below!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

DIY How To : Easy And Affordable Kimono

God i'm loving kimono's right now. Even before I tried on this Topshop beauty a few months ago, i've had my eye on them. They're great for throwing over shorts and giving a bit of extra security if you're flashing flesh.
But let's face it most of them consist of little material with minimal sewing but are £20 upwards in most high street shops, and if they've got fringe......well! I think this one was over £40 (but Zoella's got the same one - you decide!)

I'm constantly keeping a look out for simple DIY dressmaking and customising tutorials and I found kimono tutorials by LaurDIY and Berriebarely. So by no means can I take full credit for this!

You will need:

1 large scarf (mine is from H&M £4.99 60 cm x 200 cm - I you want proper sleeves go for a wider scarf!)
Needle and thread or Sewing machine

 I chose this awesome white horse/pink floral combo scarf. 
First fold it over so it is now 60cm x 100 cm

Now you can do this two ways, i've gone for the sleeveless option as my scarf isn't too wide, so i've simply pinned it down each side, leaving gaps at the top for arm holes (left picture)
If you want defined sleeves, you need to bring the pins inwards (right picture) It would work with a much wider scarf or obviously you can buy fabric.

 Then sew where the pins are, leaving a gap at the top for arm holes! If you've done it with sleeves, you would now need to trim the excess fabric off.

Next mark the middle point of the scarf and pin a line down the middle up to a similar point where the arm holes stop.

Cut with scissors up to this point, making sure you ONLY cut the top layer of material.

 When you reach this point, start to cut out a triangle shape, for the collar.

Chop the triangle off.

 Next fold over the edges and hem with the machine so it doesn't fray. I found the neck a little tricky so take your time!

The finished kimono!
Obviously its completely different to the Topshop one, but hey give me a break its my first kimono! It also only cost £4.99 and took only half an hour to make.

Let me know below if you've done this or did opt out and buy one?