Bristol Saint Vintage: June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

DIY How To : Easy And Affordable Kimono

God i'm loving kimono's right now. Even before I tried on this Topshop beauty a few months ago, i've had my eye on them. They're great for throwing over shorts and giving a bit of extra security if you're flashing flesh.
But let's face it most of them consist of little material with minimal sewing but are £20 upwards in most high street shops, and if they've got fringe......well! I think this one was over £40 (but Zoella's got the same one - you decide!)

I'm constantly keeping a look out for simple DIY dressmaking and customising tutorials and I found kimono tutorials by LaurDIY and Berriebarely. So by no means can I take full credit for this!

You will need:

1 large scarf (mine is from H&M £4.99 60 cm x 200 cm - I you want proper sleeves go for a wider scarf!)
Needle and thread or Sewing machine

 I chose this awesome white horse/pink floral combo scarf. 
First fold it over so it is now 60cm x 100 cm

Now you can do this two ways, i've gone for the sleeveless option as my scarf isn't too wide, so i've simply pinned it down each side, leaving gaps at the top for arm holes (left picture)
If you want defined sleeves, you need to bring the pins inwards (right picture) It would work with a much wider scarf or obviously you can buy fabric.

 Then sew where the pins are, leaving a gap at the top for arm holes! If you've done it with sleeves, you would now need to trim the excess fabric off.

Next mark the middle point of the scarf and pin a line down the middle up to a similar point where the arm holes stop.

Cut with scissors up to this point, making sure you ONLY cut the top layer of material.

 When you reach this point, start to cut out a triangle shape, for the collar.

Chop the triangle off.

 Next fold over the edges and hem with the machine so it doesn't fray. I found the neck a little tricky so take your time!

The finished kimono!
Obviously its completely different to the Topshop one, but hey give me a break its my first kimono! It also only cost £4.99 and took only half an hour to make.

Let me know below if you've done this or did opt out and buy one?