Bristol Saint Vintage: January 2014

Saturday, 18 January 2014

2013: 1 Year Not Buying New

Happy New Year Blogger-sphere!

This year's first blog has to be about the fact I succeeded one whole year of not buying any new clothing from the high street (Original blog from January 2013 here)

So yes, I achieved this - To some it may seem easy peasy, to others the hardest thing in the world - but to me it was alright once I got into the hang of it (I won't mention the shoes I bought on SALE in December, then returned them the very next day, it was a Topshop sale ok?)

I wasn't as creative with it as I'd hoped and the theme didn't really run outside of my own wardrobe, BUT...
Not only did I save money, I found some beautiful things (and was 80% sure I wouldn't run into people wearing the same thing, which can be a bit annoying!)

For example my gorgeous all rounder festive dress, which I dressed up for a Xmas meal with heels and seamed tights and dressed down for New Years Eve with thick tights and boots. It also didn't feel like I was wearing it twice as it was 2 different friend groups (right they'll know now, but who cares!)

Its a low cut crushed velvet dress with sequin goodness on the front and a dropped v shape at the back - A little Gatsby-ish, I like to think! - Go on, guess how much it cost? (Answer at the end)

So these are my second hand buys from the second half of the year (January to June blog is Here)
It was hard not to pick up a few things for a festival last summer!

American Apparel Crop Top from Ebay
Cute bird print skater skirt from Asos, found on Ebay
Topshop Sequin Batwing Top from Ebay -
For my sister's birthday drinks
Topshop floral layered dress from a Cotham Charity Shop
After borrowing a topshop t-shirt dress from my little sister for a friends wedding, I found a light blue one for myself on Ebay!

All in all, it was a good experience, and now I know I can do it. I also feel very differently about shopping now. Usually I would be in awe of Urban Outfitters, Topshop, longing to be able to afford those amazing clothes, but the rose tinted specs have been lifted! The items are usually nice but not that special and over- priced to cover expensive marketing campaigns. Now I'm not saying i'll never shop there again but its nice to feel in control of my consumer mind! 

Fast fashion..............ahh!

P.s. the velvet dress cost me £7 from a Charity Shop on Park Street! Thats £3.50 for each wear, Bargain!