Bristol Saint Vintage: May 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

Pop Up Preview!

Next week we'll be at the Edwardian Cloakroom on Park Row in Bristol! From the 28th May -7th June     (Mon-Sat 1pm-5pm) Its opposite the Esso Garage and looks like this -

Maybe see you there?
Here's a little peak at some of our lovely handpicked (and sometimes handmade) vintage bits!


The little video from Lou Lou's Vintage Fair last week shows a few more pieces!

Here's the facebook event! RSVP Here

Saturday, 10 May 2014

DIY Co-ords From Man's Vintage Shirt

If you follow Bristol Saint Vintage on Facebook etc, you'll know I've gotten a little sewing machine happy over the past few weeks - The thing is, i've found it quite addictive taking something thats broken or unfashionable and turning it into something of value, once again.

On this blog, I'm showing how you can turn a XL men's vintage shirt into a matching two piece set or co-ords, which are pretty much everywhere right now! It took me about 3 hours all together and I have about average sewing skills! The skirt took abut half an hour, but getting the darts right on the top, took a bit more time!

What you'll need - 

Men's Shirt
Safety Pin
Sewing machine (could be done by hand, but would take longer)
Thin elastic (I used 8mm) 
Tailors Dummy (not essential, but very handy to get the darts right, although you could base them on another top you own and your own body!)

Cut the shirt in half from under arm to under arm 

Zig zag stitch around the edge to prevent fraying (this isnt essential as it will be doubled over)

 Fold over the edge twice and sew, making sure you have enough room to thread the elastic through after! Leave a gap. Check the length the elastic by putting it around your own waist, its obviously going to stretch so make sure its tight enough! 

Thread the elastic through the gap using a saftey pic on one end. When pulled through, connect the two ends and zig zag stitch together (this allows it to stretch a bit where its sewn) Then sew up the gap.

This is what we have at this stage! Now for the top -

Cut the arms off of the top and set aside, then cut down both shoulder seams up to the collar.

Cut round the back of the collar (leaving enough to fold over) cutting off the back panel (I did this as this particular shirt had holes in the back. 

Then fold over that extra bit and sew, then when the collar in down, its neat and tidy.

Fold over the corners of the top, to give it a halter look and pin (a tailors dummy can be handy for getting the shape right)

Next zig zag down the edge of each side - then the harder bit of working our the darts. If you have a tailor's dummy, then definitely use it! My darts are angled downwards.

Darts pinned from the inside 

Darts shown from the front. Sew where the pins are.

Now the edges need to be folded over twice and sewn (i've top stitched it here)
Next the bottom edge needs to be zig zag stitched and folded over twice - as with the skirt, there needs to be enough space for elastic to be threaded through. 

Thread the elastic through and sew on each end to secure.

Using fabric from the left over sleeves, make two long tubes (sewing inside, with one pointed end and the other open, then turning the right way round) Poke the open end back into the tube, so you get a neat folded end. Insert the tube over where the elastic is coming out and sew over! 

And here is the finished product!

This one and others will be available at our next pop up shop at the end of May! 
Details Here - 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair 3rd May 2014

Me and my son had a little wander up to Judy's Vintage Fair up at the Anson's Room's yesterday. Its always nice to have a little scout around and whats going on vintage wise in the area! If was a lovely affair, in fact we bumped into a few familiar faces along the way!

You might recognise Harriet from our January Shoot!
Harriet and Emily
Caitlin from Cait Makes (who helped stock our Christmas Pop Up Shop!)

Cait Makes - Suitcase table and vintage home wares

Cait Makes - Beautiful bird feeders

Roma from New Weekends

New Weekends - table of goodies
New Weekends -  rail of love
Retrolex - I love that white dress!
Retrolex - Hats
Retrolex -  Accessories
Cakes provided by 'Pear Of Peas'

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!