Bristol Saint Vintage: October 2014

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A/W 2014 Trend Watch: Red

Trends can be so tedious sometimes, don't you think? Sometimes I just wanna wear, what I wanna wear! Jeez...

And don't get me started on 'Normcore'..... (here you go,  you're welcome ;) )

If you ARE one for trends, Red was spotted as a micro trend for A/W 2014.
Can red really be a trend with Christmas coming up? Apparently so! Tom Ford, Sportsmax, Valentino and others, all had their own view of which shade of red worked best.
 There was a spectrum of dark deep burgundy tones right up to corals and orangey reds.
So go ahead! Pick a tone that works for YOU!

This trend is so simple to replicate in vintage clothing, so instead of heading to the high street, shop smart and buy second hand or better yet......VINTAGE.
Here is a selection of red items currently in the Bristol Saint Vintage shop.

Red Jacket £15, Matching Red Pencil Skirt £12, Red Patterned Jumper £15, Red Boxy Vest With Button Back £14
Wear head to toe with skirt, top AND jacket or pick one as a statement piece....
What do you think? Too bold or no big deal? Comment below!
I feel so much more Christmassy now.....
Linda x

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