Bristol Saint Vintage: Up-cycling Projects: Before and After

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Up-cycling Projects: Before and After

So January was pretty dead last year. In terms of sales and stock, everything seemed pretty slow and truthfully kinda non-existent! I have vowed for Jan 2015 to be completely different - and my plan is to  make as much as I can from the many, MANY, pieces I've bought with the intention of fixing or altering and actually they've just ended up in a pile!
This also helps with my goal over the next few months of building up my stock after the Christmas rush and January sales!

This was a small selection of pieces that needed updating (believe me, there is much more!)


I do love all of them as they are (well when the Many Marsh dress was attached!) but they all had something wrong or slightly unfashionable about them that needed some up-cycling or Bristol Saint Vintage love if you will....

The large drop waist dress was cut in half and cut up the front to form an opening. I then hemmed it and hand stitched chocolate brown colour feathers around the bottom - I still have the pleated skirt material so look out for a reworked skirt soon!


Kimono sold already! But look out for more :)

This 1970's hot pink maxi dress has been in the shop before (modelled below by the lovely Charlie) but unfortunately it didn't sell - I think the style was just too formal for some people, so I decided to keep it simple and just take it up to a length that is easier to wear - I also wanted to be mindful that this dress was made specifically for the lady who owned it and didn't want to ruin it!



Available Soon

I did love the style of this 1980's drop waisted dress (below), so I hope i've done the right thing by turning this into a two piece - Then again, you can't please everyone! This one was cut in half and the top hemmed, simple! The skirt was a bit trickier - I had to cut a band of material from around the middle and then form it into a waistband for the skirt, then finishing off by inserting some elastic.


So glad I got my hair cut......ugh

Available HERE
Everything's better when you show a bit of belly!

This Mandy Marsh dress has been a bit of a headache, first selling it as it was and then realising it had holes in the back of the top (whoops!) luckily the customer was very understanding!


Here's me, just hanging in the park, freezing my bum off!
It was then reworked into a skirt but I felt like it would benefit from a thicker waistband a bit of length taken off to make it more wearable. Back to the sewing machine it was!


The top is almost finished just needs some straps to tie at the back and it will be available in the shop!
But it will [hopefully] look something like this....

Have you made or altered something recently? Let's hear about it then! Comment below!
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