Bristol Saint Vintage: DIY Tutorial: Simple Crochet Crop Top

Sunday, 29 March 2015

DIY Tutorial: Simple Crochet Crop Top

I love buying trips for the business, It's like getting paid to shop!
 Most of the time i'll buy items in perfect vintage condition, but as ive gotten more and more into upcycling, i've started broadening my horizons. Everything now has possibility! 
Take this white vintage underskirt - I loved the crochet trim on the bottom but it had some marks and the style wasn't very flattering....

 I decided to turn it into a summery crop top with a crochet hem.

Here's a quick DIY Tutorial

Time - 90 mins
Level - Easy

You'll need -
1. An old skirt/fabric
2. A sheet of A3 paper/parcel roll/wrapping paper
3.Pencil, ruler, angle measure
4. Pins
5. Fabric Scissors
6. Sewing Machine (could be done by hand but might take a while)

First, I cut out the section of the skirt fabric I wanted to use and gave it a good iron!
Next, I made a simple vest top pattern -
Take a t-shirt or vest with a similar fit you desire (should be slightly loose and not form fitting, as it need to go over your head). Fold in half down the middle and lay flat on a hard surface. Grab your A3 paper and lining up the right hand side edge and the horizontal line of the folded top, begin to trace around the neckline, top of shoulder, sleeve line and down the side (to the length you'd like the crop top to be.) Using the angle measure, mark 90 degrees and draw a line across to connect back to the right edge of the paper. Now add 1.5 cm to all edges for the seam allowance (obviously apart from the edge) and cut out.

Fold your fabric over and pin the pattern on, making sure the right hand side of the paper is on the fold.
(Mine is from another top so is a bit longer than my fabric, but i wanted to use the shape at the top and incorporate the crocheted hem)

Cut two. I used pinking shears to stop the edges fraying.

Pin both sides together on the shoulders and sides, front sides facing. Sew!

Double fold the edge of the sleeve and pin. Then sew.

Repeat on the other side.

Do the same on the collar.

And there it is! Perfect to wear with skirts, leggings or go the full 70's vibes and wear with flares!
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